HTIDE Conference 2018

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October 25th, 2018

08,45 – 09,00 Welcome and introduction – M. Bassetti (Italy)

09,00 – 10,40 Antimicrobial stewardship: can we do it better?

Chair: S. Brusaferro (Italy), S. Stefani (Italy)

  • Bacteria and drugs now and in the next 30 years: who will be the winner? – G. Rossolini (Italy)
  • Impact of antimicrobial stewardship programs – A.Brink (South Africa)
  • How to develop a perfect program – E. Tacconelli (Italy)
  • Limitation of actual program of AMS and future directions – M.V. Villegas (Colombia)
  • Antifungal stewardship: how to do it? – E. Bouza (Spain)

11,00 – 12,00 Recurrent C-difficile Infection: Kill the Bug or Cure the microbiome?

Chair: F. Menichetti (Italy)

  • Introduction: C. difficile recurrence – a disregarded medical challenge? – F. Menichetti (Italy)
  • Management of rec C. difficile infections: Cure of Symptoms or Cure of the Disease? – M. Wilcox (UK)
  • Prevention of C. difficile recurrence: evidence from a C. difficile antitoxin – E. Bouza (Spain)

12,00 – 13,00 Early adequate antibiotic therapy for MDR infections

Chair: P.L. Viale (Italy), N. Petrosillo (Italy)

  • Managing serious Gram-positive infections appropriately – M. Dryden (UK)
  • Therapy of MDR/XDR Gram-negative bacteria: dealing with the evil – A. Soriano (Spain)
14,30 – 15,00 An update in the management of community-acquired Pneumonia in an era of increasing antimicrobial resistance and antimicrobial stewardship – J. Garau (Spain)

Chair: F. Blasi (Italy)

15,00 – 16,30 How to manage a septic patient in clinical practice

Chair: C. Tascini (Italy), M. Venditti (Italy)

  • How to balance the need of the society and the need of the septic patient? – Y. Carmeli (Istrael)
  • Should we reduce mortality with an appropriate antibiotic treatment? – T. Calandra (Switzerland)
  • Are the new definition affecting the management of sepsis? – J. De Waele (Belgium)
  • Is the source control more important than antibiotics? – P. Montravers (France)
  • Discussion
16,30 – 17,00 Overview of antifungal strategies for severe mould infections – P. Munoz (Spain) Chair: L. Pagano (Italy)

17,00 – 18,30 Overview of next generation antibiotics

Chair: D. Nicolau (USA), J. Garau (Spain) New carbapenem combinations:

  • meropenem/vaborbactam – M. Bassetti (Italy)
  • imipenem/relebactam – A. Shorr (USA)
  • meropenem/nacubactam – M. Tumbarello (Italy)
  • Other betalactamase inhibitors combinations – D. Nicolau (USA)
  • Cefiderocol: a novel siderophore cephalosporin – P. L. Viale (Italy)
  • Eravacycline: a novel fluorocycline developed for the treatment of cIAI – M. Bassetti (Italy)
  • Omadacycline: a novel tetracycline subclass antivbiotics – P. Montravers (France)
  • Delafloxacin: a novel fluoroquinolone antibiotic – J. Garau (Spain)
  • Lefamulin: a novel pleuromutilin antibiotic class – G. Dimopoulos (Greece)

26th October, 2018

08,30 – 10,15 Critically ill patients and difficult to treat bugs: a challenging scenario

Chair: M. Girardis (Italy), F. De Rosa (Italy)

  • The eternal dilemma for non-fermenters: monotherapy or combination? – T. Calandra (Switzerland)
  • Optimization of PK/PD of antibiotics for resistant Gram-negative organisms – F. Pea (Italy)
  • A.baumannii js just a bad marker for prognosis or a real killer? – M. Akova (Turkey)
  • CRE can we define a universal strategic treatment management? – D. Nicolau (USA)
  • Serious MRSA infection: anything new? – M. Wilcox (UK)
  • Any role for old antibiotics? – G. Dimopoulos (Greece)
  • When do we need to treat Candida empirically? – J.F. Timsit (France)

10,30 – 12,00 New directions and evidences in the management of complicated skin and skin structure infections

Chair: F.Menichetti (Italy), C. Eckmann (Germany)

  • How to stratify the risk of MDR in cSSTI and how to be appropriate – A. Shorr (USA)
  • Non-antibiotic approaches – M. Dryden (UK)
  • The role of long acting antibiotics – A. Soriano (Spain)
  • The role of new fluoroquinolones – C. Eckmann (Germany)
  • Discussion

12,00 – 13,00 Main Consideration for Recognizing and Best Managing Patients with Critical Pseudomonal Infections

Chair: M. Bassetti (Italy)

  • Difficult to Treat Gram(-) Infections : Implication of Epidemiology and Local Ecology Data to treatment strategies – J.F. Timsit (France)
  • Latest Evidence and Guidelines on New Antibiotics – What Antibiotic for which Patient? – M. Bassetti (Italy)

14,30 – 15,30 Rezafungin: a novel echinocandin for Treatment and Prevention of IFI

Chair: M. Bassetti (Italy)

  • Prevention and management of fungal infections: We can do better – R. Lewis (Italy)
  • New options for prevention & treatment of IFI – T. Sandison (USA)

15,30 – 17,00 New and rapid diagnostic methods

Chair: G. Rossolini (Italy)

  • New diagnostic methods for fungal infections – M. Sanguinetti (Italy)
  • New diagnostic methods for hepatitis – S. Chevaliez (France)
  • New diagnostic methods for early identification of bacteria – D. Nicolau (USA)